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Here are a few close ups from my latest build: a multifunctional coffee table! Check out the video in bio
I’m happy to announce that I just posted a video on how I built this multifunctional coffee table for the Tiny Apartment! 
Boom 💥
Many thanks to all that tried to help with my table top finishing problem yesterday! You guys are the best 😍 I followed your recommendations and resanded the grey MDF (Valchromat in fact) from 80 up to 150 grit (@olive.verdier said to not go any higher than 150) and reapplied the Rubio Monocoat by dipping the small white pad on the cup and quickly applying it into the fibers in small circular motion. ***Pouring the finish over the surface is a big no no for this material! Always grab it from the cup as you go.*** I did apply some force and did go through the entire surface 3 times while the finish was still fresh (within the first 10min). I wanted to make sure every millimeter of surface got covered and did soak as much finish as it could. And then removed all the excess finish with a white cotton cloth. It worked!! And the final look is so much more even now 🤩 Thanks guys! 
Now back to editing the video 💥
HELP! I am having trouble using @rubiomonocoatusa on plain colored surfaces and I don’t know what I am doing wrong…maybe some of you have experience with this finish over plain surfaces?
It looks fab on wood but in this grey MDF, I am getting stains that seem to correspond to strokes during the application. I spread the Rubio over the table top in about 3 minutes, so why are there areas that seem to absorb more (darker) and create a visual stain? 
I noticed that spilling the finish from the cup after throroughtly mixed over the MDF surface and then smearing it into the surface always creates a stain with the shape of the spilled finish, even if I cover the surface really quickly. I have experienced it a couple times before and was hopping that this time, without spilling and always grabbing more finish with the white pad from the cup, would create a consistent look. But I was wrong! I can very much see random shapes and circular strokes made with the white pad (visible on the first photo). I did remove as much finish as I could with paper towels and cloths, so there was no build up over the surface on any area. 
It makes no sense why this would happen… It makes me think that it also happens with the solid wood but it is not noticeable since wood has its own grain visual shapes that disguise this effect.
I tried to repair it yesterday, once I noticed the darker/lighter areas. I waited 24h and scuffed the surface with 320 sandpaper and applied a second coat, hopping that the lighter areas would become darker while absorbing more Rubio and achieve a uniform look. It not only did stay exactly the same (no effect on the second coat despite more sheen) as it did become worse because now I have stupid sander marks all over the top (see second photo). 
How can I get a perfectly uniform finish with Rubio over a flat colored surface?
Editing mode: ON! 🤩
It might look weird but the table top is almost done! I can finally jump on the exciting part of installing the lift-top mechanism.

#gethandsdirty #tabletop #coffeetable